Melissa's work is wonderful! I was a skeptic of Tarot readings in general, so when my company decided to bring her on Monday nights I was leery. I sat with her for my first tarot reading and I was blown away. Her reading struck some big chords with absolutely no information about myself for her to work with. Not only was her reading so accurate but it was comforting, even despite bad news. Melissa has a way of speaking to her patrons that is encouraging and sincere. I have visited quite a few times since my first visit and the readings have given me great insight. Melissa's nurturing energy and communication skills create a whole new element to a standard reading. It's a therapeutic experience, an opportunity to connect with yourself and your past, present, and future all the while offering a very intimate human experience because Melissa has such a warm energy to offer her patrons. — Krista C, Seattle, WA

Never had a tarot reading that felt so on point before! She comes into Percy's and Co in Ballard every Monday around 6pm. She really truly knows her tarot cards and I've never met someone who knows so much about the practice. If you've never had your cards properly read before, be prepared to have your mind-blown. If you have already, be prepared to be impressed. She's been super helpful and I would highly recommend. — Evanka T, South Bend, IN

I'm about as close to a skeptic as they come, so when my good friend invited me to Percy's for a tarot card reading I thought it would be fun at best. I was so surprised to discover how spot on Melissa's reading was. She doesn't ask you any questions, no, "What's your sign? What do you want to ask the cards?" kind of stuff, she just hands you the deck, asks you to shuffle it, and reads the cards. I've had four readings from her now, and each time am amazed at how specific and relevant the things she tells me are to what is going on in my life. Melissa is also just a smart, cool person, so it's great to chat with her. — JoAnn O, Los Angeles, CA

I have to say that my favorite part of my reading from Melissa was how obviously passionate she is about this practice. I loved seeing her face light up as realizations came over her during the reading. And she was able to explain how the cards unfolded in ways that I could understand (ie the "Beyonce card") and I could really begin to see how the cards interacted with each other in a way that I hadn't seen in other readings. I found the reading extremely inspiring and ended up referring some friends to go check her out, all of whom walked away with the same positive reaction. Will definitely be back to see her. — Ryan L, Manhattan, NY

For our Halloween party this year, we wanted to treat our guests by having a tarot reader available for readings. Well, it was a great decision, particularly having chosen Melissa. My guests were impressed with her and found their readings relevant and meaningful. My own reading was really spot-on and very wow!
Logistically, setting it up was easy. I found Melissa here on Yelp, checked out her online reviews and then her cool website, and emailed her to find out her availability. We set the date and time, I paid a deposit via PayPal, she showed up right on time (just early enough to be all set up by her call time), then I paid the remainder. And that was it. She was professional and easy to work with. I really recommend booking her for your next party. — Heirloom Z, San Francisco, CA